Homage to the Greyhound

Homage to the Greyhound

In my Digital to Analog Poster class we were tasked with creating a two color screen printed poster representing a dog breed of which we were randomly given. Each poster had to include a both a visual representation of our respective breeds as well as three words that described our breed. 

I picked the greyhound, and after researching the breed I chose to highlight the contradictory nature of many of their characteristics. 

Created at Cornish College of the Arts
Duration 5 weeks // Spring 2018
Tools Illustrator, Screenprinting
Class Art of the Poster: Digital to Analog // Robynne Raye

This poster was displayed in the Cornish Poster Collective's Dog Show Poster Show at Makeda & Mingus and was awarded a judge's choice award by Shogo Ota.
greyhound poster mockup.png