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Deconstruction Reconstruction

Deconstruction Reconstruction

Project type Student work
Duration September 2017 - May 2018
Tools Adobe Creative Suite, Analog Painting

Created for my senior thesis or BFA at Cornish College of the Arts, Deconstruction Reconstruction is an analysis and reflection on the intersection between art and design. This project included a combination of analog painting, publication design, extensive research on design and aesthetic theory, and a weeklong installation of the final product in the Cornish Beebe building for the 2018 BFA Exhibition. More details on the reflection, ideation, and process of this project can be found in my process book below. 


01 Apparel

Integral to this project was my exploration of textile painting. Combining functional objects with gestural, abstract forms was my attempt at reconciling my identity as both an artist and designer. At some points in this project, I felt myself getting stuck in the academic mindset, barely producing any writing, and certainly not “making” anything. These painted pieces were what I made in response to my frustration with attempting to have a clear picture of my academic research. Ultimately, they turned into the centerpiece of my project. 

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02 Anthology

A collection of texts by both artists and designers on the topic of design and art’s intersection and the identity of the artist and designer. It was important to me to create a document compiling a vast array of thinking on this topic in order to provoke readers to question their own space within the world of art and design while also highlighting that this conversation is complex and multi-faceted and there is not one simple answer that exists in regards to art or design’s definition. View it here.

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03 Documentation

This process book contains project documentation including initial concepts, visual and academic research, and final product. View my entire process here.

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